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Unicones, Unicorn Toast & Confetti Tacos: This Dessert Place Is Doing Every Crazy Unicorn Trend

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Shortcut Eat Confetti – a dessert store located in the bylanes of Jubilee Hills Road No 22, is a dream come true for unicorn lovers. From macarons to ice creams to milkshakes, go here to have fun with what you eat.What Makes It Awesome Although quaint, Eat Confetti is hard to miss. Walk into the dessert shop, and find yourself in the company of a giant unicorn and all things colourful. While the dessert counter with all its mini delights will call out to you instantly, we ask you to rush to the wall with neon lights for rocking those Insta perfect stories. Eat Confetti is conceptualised by Niharika Gollapalli and Vivek, two students who aspired to create a unicorn-themed store that can transport us to the good old days of childhood with desserts based on candy floss. At Eat Confetti, you are surrounded by confetti but you also get to eat it. While their range of desserts varies from cookies, cupcakes, donuts and more, their specialties are Unicone (an ice-cream) and Mount Confetti (a milkshake with 4-5 flavours of candy floss on top) – the most expensive ones on their menu which are nearly two feet and can be devoured by two or more people. Their Taiyaki Icecream Cone is designed after the famous Japanese fish-shaped cake; we also liked their Miss Floss, a candy floss ice cream that’s put on top of a mannequin. Apart from these, you can also savour the Cloud Ice cream (candy floss is the base), Confetti Tacos, Unicorn Toast, and Candy Floss Burrito. You can also pick breakfast waffles here, which are served all day long till 2 am. For the ones with no sweet tooth, there’s always the Mac & Cheese fries served in a waffle cone. What Could Be Better Most of the desserts are a little too sweet and if you are someone who doesn't enjoy very sugary desserts or shakes, this might not be your cup of tea. Especially because the flavour of sugar is overpowering other flavours in a few dishes.Pro-Tip Eat Confetti has a tiny kiosk in Inorbit Mall that you can check out. 

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