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If you are in the mood for luxurious dessert, head to Eat Confetti for some sugar rush

Remember those days when we patiently waited in a park for the cotton candy man? After our fill of the fluffy, pink dessert we would return home utterly content. Our first visit to Jubilee Hills-based luxury dessert outlet, Eat Confetti, brought back memories of those colorful evenings. And we are not the only ones. Co-owner Niharika Gollapalli, narrates, “When I stepped in for a staff member the other day at the counter, this lady, probably in her fifties, walked up to me and said that these cotton candies reminded her of her childhood.” The 20-year-old, who graduated from Vasavi College of Engineering recently, set up this outlet along with her United States-based partner, Venkata Vivek.

Fancy some dessert?

The moment we entered, we thought that the place looked right out of a technicolor dream — imagine neon pink lights and blown-up unicorn replicas. Instagram enthusiasts would like to note that the décor is quite picturesque. “We wanted to add a bit of color and sweetness to the lives of Hyderabadis with rainbow cakes and unicorns,” added the 20-year-old owner, and informed us that the cotton candies and ice-creams come with a tagline that says ‘Instagram-famous Eat Confetti.’

Candy Floss Burrito

First up, we were offered the Cloud Ice Cream with a cone of candy floss ice cream wrapped in a giant, white cotton candy. Could one person really finish this dessert, we wonder! We enjoyed the candy floss ice cream within, but the cotton candy surrounding it left us overwhelmed. On Niharika’s recommendation, we tried the Candy Floss Burrito. In just the first bite, the sour candies, gummy bears, and jujubes on the burrito bed offered a blast of flavors. “I did a lot of research while I was still in college and also spoke with culinary artistes about desserts that look as good as it tastes,” she says. 

Miss Floss

At the end, we braced ourselves for the two-feet-tall Mount Confetti. It comprised cotton candies in four flavors — lavender, lemongrass, bubblegum, and blueberry. This dessert was thankfully meant for two. We cherished the sugar sprinkled choco pie and a few sips of the Oreo Shake till we realized that we have overshot our sugar limits. We walked out, on a sugar rush, but not before trying Miss Floss – Candy Floss in your chosen flavor, stuck to a mannequins’ head. One’s supposed to eat her hair off; that’s way too morbid for such a feel-good place, we think!

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